Writerly Notions: blogs and purpose

tl;dr: I’ve tried various times to create and categorize writing (and related) blogs. But I can never maintain interest (except in ones I delete or revise the intention of). Until I know what I’m doing with my writing and my various categories of purpose (for me, for fairy tales, for sharing stories, for sharing experience), I won’t be updating this blog on a regular basis, if at all. Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my weird little posts. ūüôā


At the beginning of the year (February, to be precise), I typed up an initial post, which has been on my to-do list for…maybe a year?, about this blog. And it’s various incarnations.

The central question was why? Why do I even have this blog?

It started as a place to post detailed responses to books I’m reading or have read. But my motivation and interest in that only lasted so long.

Then it was supposed to be a writing blog, with posts of my writing, especially my daily writing exercises. The trouble with that was two-fold: making sure I didn’t publish anything online I wanted to publish in some other way (and the added analytical sieving to make sure the stories or vignettes I post/posted were not something I wanted to publish in some other way) and a lot of what I would post/posted weren’t really that important. About the most important bits I’ve posted about my writing is my Writing Demons posts.

Then¬†it was supposed to be a place to post my experiences, struggles, and thoughts as a writer. But doing that felt too messy for a blog, so I made a writing journal. But that has since ground to a halt. Likewise, this blog’s venue as a writing blog has ground to a halt. And my question is why?

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January Summary

a day late

As part of the Every Day Challenge, instigated by the-cassandra-project, I set up two challenges. The second one, or Challenge #2, focused on Nights of Heroes — revision, outlining, character development. I posted about my progress it¬†every couple days. These posts can be found here at my writing journal.

Other general writing posts can be found here.

My Challenge #1, which was to write 100+ words every day, can be found here (among other material and inspiration related to the story.)

Finally, I made character aesthetics.

Donations for the Holiday

With the holidays having begun and with the state of world, it seemed like a good time to offer a gift of support to places and people that will offer protection and support of their own. (Or you could do something more directly if you like.)

Many people have already done fundraisers and charity drives (I’ve been the most aware of this with artists), and this is nothing of that caliber. I only thought, since the time of year has always been about giving, and many people (and the world and society) need as much giving/kindness/support as they can, I would add this little message:

Things seem very bleak, and I’ll admit that I’m not a very active participant in the world (sometimes I forget basic survival care, like eating and sleeping). But I’ve usually, despite my occasional views on myself or my writing, been a hopeful person. Hope, of course, isn’t going to change anything on its own.

But you can. I can. By just doing one little thing. By staying aware. By not forgetting that the times have gotten dangerous and that these issues have not just popped out of the ground; they have been around for awhile. We need to stay awake and do what we can, when we can.

Even if you can’t give hoards of money, spreading the word or donating a dollar when you can or having a monthly donation as¬†part of your budget, if possible,¬†is doing something.

Here a few suggestions:

*if anyone knows of better organizations, please let me know; I will edit them.

This blog’s future and wandering roads

I’m not sure what I’m doing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I knew what I was going to do. But since October started my objectives have been uprooted by bad choices, bad luck, and “bad brain” days.

Back in the summer I had begun to wonder why I even had this blog. What did I have to say? What did I want to say? Did I really care that much about responding to and writing about books I’ve read? Or, most importantly, what did I want this blog to be about?

Because as much as I like stories — especially fairy tales, legends, epics, and myths — I’m not a reviewer. That’s not my thing. I don’t think it ever was. I’m not against reflecting on a story I read, potentially ruminating on what I like in it, or discussing how it functions as a story and any, if applicable, style/plot/thematic details that inspire me. But I don’t have the drive or passion to maintain an entire blog on that premise. No way.

So if I don’t want to review stories or write about them all the time, what do I want?

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To my followers

Thank you to everyone who’s read or liked any of my posts. Although I don’t always respond, I notice and it does mean a lot to me.¬†I want to apologize for vanishing from this blog, as slim as my¬†posts already were. I was working on things and assessing the use/point of this blog and considering the future (what I want to do with this blog, what I want to do with my writing…)

I will have a fuller update next month. Thanks for your patience. Best wishes and welfare to all. ♥

(There’s also a short entry coming on 22 Sept.)

Book break 

Next month I’ll be taking a break from my occasional chapter by chapter response¬†to the books I’m reading or have¬†read. It’s not that I don’t have completed posts, but I need a break from thinking about it for a while.

I want to focus on sharing, expressing and promoting my own stories. I want to think about what that means and how I want to go about it. Plus I want to work on sharing the process of my writing and what ideas I have.

Since May is my birth month, I thought I’d let myself off the hook then. Thanks!

Daily Writing notice 

I did write one today. It was only a sentence or two. And I don’t mind that, but I have realized that I’m writing more about  general subjects, instead of writing  whatever’s on my mind (characters, ideas, setting, theme) or practicing little snippets of scenes. 

I think I’ve become more self-conscious that I’m writing these for others to read, and that was never the intention. They were just a way to make sure I wrote every day, to keep the muscles limber. So I’m going to stop posting them until I feel like they’re for me, to help me with my writing, rather than a necessary responsibility for others.