“‘But wait,’ he said suddenly, ‘there is one. Look at the teapot; there is a story in it now'”

– H. C. Andersen “The Little Elder-Tree Mother”

This was a blog for writing, books, and thoughts.

A D Begas always wanted to share her ideas, characters and their segmented stories with others.

She loves the woods, the sea, and stories. Not necessarily in a literary way, but the permeation of stories in life and fiction. Science, religion, fantasy, mythology, etc. all contain stories. An acorn growing into an oak is a story. An experience you had yesterday is a story. A scientific hypothesis is a story. Myths from Ancient Greece are cosmological and identity stories.

All of them express or explain. Something is happening; something is alive. And that’s what a story should be.

In terms of written stories, she’s partial to fantasy and young adult, but she adores fairy tales and the 1001 Nights and ancient epics. 

She has re-discovered her love of reading and enjoys responding and critiquing the books she reads (preferably with attention on their storytelling techniques and characterization).

She also earned a B.A. in Philosophy with a Minor in Classics (focus on Koine Greek).

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