Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

The Guardians: Book Three

by William Joyce

“If you have them under your pillow as you sleep, or hold it tightly, you will remember that which you need — a memory of happy days, or of deepest hopes, or even of us in better times” (Joyce, 93).

Chapter Twelve

Last week Mr. Qwerty told Katherine and the other Guardians about how Toothiana’s parents, Haroom and Rashmi, met. Because there are no children in Pujam Hy Loo, the family moves to live among mortals. Their lives are peaceful for a while, until Toothiana turns twelve and loses her last baby tooth.

Then she sprouts wings, much to the delight of the other children.  But their parents, the grown-ups “were bewildered… [and] [s]ome thought she was an evil spirit and should be killed; others saw ways to use her, as either a freak to be caged and paraded about, or to force her to fly to the palace of the new maharaja and steal his jewels” (86).

I don’t have the words to express how angry this makes me. She’s a child and all the adults can think of is how to use to her to increase their fortune or to kill she defies what is normal. It just…it makes me furious. As the text sums up concisely: “The grown-ups of the village had gone mad with fear and greed” (87). Basically, they’re jerks. And it won’t get any better.

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Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

The Guardians: Book Three

by William Joyce

“Selfless like her father. Pure of heart like her mother. She was named Toothiana” (Joyce, 84).

Chapter Eleven

A big hullabo is made by the Lunar Lamas over Katherine’s lost tooth. Bunnymund is baffled by their reaction. As long as she’s all right, that’s what matters. Besides,

“‘[i]t isn’t actually lost. She holds it in her hand, and now she’ll grow another one. It’s all very natural and, frankly, rather ordinary. It’s not like she lost chocolate truffled egg or anything'” (68).

♥ for Bunnymund and his logic. I can relate to the way he thinks.

But the Lamas reiterate that the value of Katherine’s tooth is that it’s a “child’s tooth” (69). As a result “Her Most Royal Highness” will visit them, which has never happened and they are tremendously thrilled. Hearing this North, bless him, wonders “if this personage on this continent, [for] he’d likely stolen something from her in his crime-filled younger years” (69).

It turns out, no, he never stole from her for she is not simply royalty but is, in fact, ” ‘Queen Toothiana, gatherer and protector of children’s teeth!'” (69). Everyone seems skeptical or surprised except Bunnymund:

“‘Oh, her,’ he said dismissively. ‘She dislikes chocolate. She claims it’s bad for children’s teeth'” (70).

I love this dynamic. One, it shows he’s aware of her. Two, it shows how feels about her principles (and furthermore, what those might be — the value of teeth outweighs chocolate. The reason for this will be explained later). Third, it shows how he thinks of her. (We’ll learn what the Toothiana thinks later). And fourth, it hints at, when they do officially meet, how they might interact: diagonal interests but not necessarily in opposition. (I seriously love all the Guardians’ interactions.)

Katherine, North, and Ombric (who feels that he remembers hearing about her) are curious. Mr. Qwerty, the bookworm-turned-library offers to tell them about her. But the story actually starts with her parents.

Whoo. Okay. Feels time.

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Ocean Ancestors

Day 13: Feb 13

Tales of the past — sometimes the recent past, if she’s honest — curl across the floor, dainty, almost fanciful words, so wondrous and unbelievable that they seem capable of cracking under the slightest inspection. But they are true; she knows so. She has lived part of this recent, unbelievable story herself. Though it is the older stories, the ones interwoven like flashes of silver on the sea among the recent one, that keeps her attentive: astounding voyagers across the vast ocean, colony and kingdom founders, dropping words and letters on their journey. They were the first to understand the sea and what lay beneath. A tiny silver glimmer flashes inside her; she is glad they play a part, however miniscule, in her story, too.


I have renewed these in lieu of the Refugee Ban in the USA. Inspired by the-cassandra-project and their Every Day Challenge, I am writing every day to raise money for the Urban Justice Center. You can donate here or please spread the word. Thank you.

Every Single Day

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The Cassandra Project proposed a great idea – Every Single Day Challenge – where you do something every day throughout January for charity raising. I recommend anyone who can to spread the word about this Challenge and donate. I’m doing two:

Every Single Day [January Challenge] #1

I’m writing 100+ words every day in a long-standing story about demons, the moon, and love. And even if I’m just one tiny seed in the grand forest of people, I’ll sow what good I can. If we plant enough seeds and take care of them, well, then we’ll have a forest.

Every Single Day [January Challenge] #2

When I first heard about the Every Single Day Challenge I thought: Hey, I think of my Nights of Heroes project every day anyway. So I wanted to use that time — revising, thinking, chronicling, name-building, drawing, writing, and even old original content* — as a means to do something good for the world.

*my Dreams: basically Disney characters developed like original characters rather than adhering to Disney’s characterizations

Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There

by Lewis Carroll

Compared to Wonderland, the Looking-Glass world is less oddity and more a reverse world that plays on words. Oh, the transitions and events of each square are rightly lucid but the structure seems based on polarity or clever logic.

For example, the White Queen knows what will happen next week; the Red Queen can run as fast as possible without getting anywhere; and to cut the plum cake for the Lion and the Unicorn, Alice has to serve it first. There’s a sense that things are done in a reverse order.

Anything that isn’t evokes a strong sense of literary wordplay. For one, Alice literally meets Humpty Dumpty, and second, the text is full of poetry, some of it derived from actual poems that characters recite for Alice.

Additionally, there are creatures who are a play on ordinary ones through their words: a rocking-horse-fly, bread-and-butter-fly, and snap-dragon-fly (which I especially liked the sound of):

“Its body is made of plum-pudding, its wings of holly-leaves, and its head is a raisin burning in brandy.”

“And what does it live on?” Alice asked, as before.

“Frumenty and mince-pie,” the Gnat replied; “and it makes its nest in a Christmas box.” (182).

What’s lovely about it, is that it sounds like a creature of Christmas. Made of holiday items or winter finery, it evokes the holiday. Or at least what I think was associated with it at the time.

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Spells of Storytelling

Day 206

A DULL TIRED ache throbbed on the top of her skull. Rubbing her eyes, the enchantress browsed her scrolls a second time. Yes, the words were set up in the right order, everything should progress organically as she had planned. But… 

She stretched her stiff arms, rotating her neck to work out the kinks. That’s all the spell turned into: words. Endless, complex, overly saturated words. It wasn’t about imagining what could happen, or letting a new story take seed. No, it was about imprinting the words she already knew. It was fact confirmation, not storytelling.

Groaning, she massaged her temples. And that, really, had always been the problem. 

Written: 30 April 2016

Words: 109 

Inspired: I feel this self-explanatory.

Time’s Choice

Day 196

TIME EBBED LIKE water. Great founts blew wildly in glittering, spinning eddies. Like star-struck sand, emerald and sapphire and citrine flashed from within the clear streams of time, spun by invisible spools. Ghostly shapes, like a filtered shadow play, danced and writhed in each eddy.

He stepped out from time’s center. 

Sorrow, sadness, grief. His friend dead, murdered. Unquenchable sorrow.

Gasping, he staggered backwards. He swallowed and gazed wide-eyed about him. “There are a thousand stories here, thousands of possibilities, futures…”

He braced himself and reached out for another glittering eddy…

Written: 14 April 2016

Words: 91

Inspired: realizing I’m not set on the original ending of my Dreams


The Cave’s Treasure [Day 162]

GOLD AND SILVER glittered brightly in the sunlight, stunning his eyes. Covering his face, he slipped inside the cave. The mysterious opening in the rock slammed shut behind him with a great creaking groan; rocky debris sprinkled his head. 

As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he saw not only mounds of money but caskets and basins brimming with jewels: emeralds, sapphires, rubies, citrines, and opals. Strings of pearls hung over the edge and porcelain bowls filled with spices and myrrh were crammed among the gems.

He stared a moment longer and then burst out laughing. 

Written: 29 Feb 2016

Words: 96 

Inspired: novella I finished this morning

Happy Leap Year Day


Day 148: Mirror Reverse

EDGES OF LIGHT outlined the mirror. Cracked on the inside, the gilt frame absorbed the sunlight leaking through the warped beams. Cobwebs clung to empty shelves and banisters. Heavy velvet curtains formed an alcove around the broken treasure. Wind moaned lowly outside, shaking the old stone and timber. 

She lifted a candle to peer into the mirror’s depth. A split reflection in a sumptuous hall met her inspection.

Written: 4 February 2016

Words: 67 

Inspired: old idea

Noxious [Day 79]

Sallow clouds oozed across the horizon, blocking the lime-yellow glare from penetrating the noxious fumes expelled from the ground. Cracked holes rimmed in blistering red stone popped and hissed; bright green bubbles seared pockmarks in the rock.

Written: 10 Nov 2015

Words: 37

Inspired: my Dreams (Nights of Heroes enemy)